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We demand that all funding of the PA be stopped immediately. The brutal murder of three Israeli teenagers followed by over 4400 Hamas rockets and terrorist infiltrations from Gaza is the latest result of ongoing PA incitement against Israeli citizens.
Funding the Palestinian Authority is equivalent to funding terror.

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We, the undersigned, stand united in demanding that the United States and the European Union discontinue funding the Palestinian Authority. Since the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993, the PA has been an active participant in campaigns to demonize Israel, incite against Israeli citizens and glorify acts of terror.

From a young age, children in PA-administered schools are taught that Jews are the enemy and must leave Palestinian land (‘all of Israel’) or be killed. It is obvious that peaceful co-existence with the State of Israel is not on the agenda of the Palestinian Authority.

In reaction to the tragic kidnapping of 3 innocent Israeli teens resulting in their brutal murder, Fatah, the leading party in the Palestinian Authority, posted a despicable cartoon on their Facebook page depicting the 3 boys as rats. The PA continued their incitement with a new campaign of photographing their children smiling and brazenly holding up 3 fingers, as if to say: “We got 3 Jews!”

Palestinian support for Hamas' cruel war waged against Israel, during which more than 4400 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israeli civilians, is well documented. The Palestinians' sophisticated network of terror tunnels was designed to enable infiltrations into Israeli towns for the sole purpose of murdering innocent Jews. PA unity with Hamas means PA support for terror.

PA President Abbas has confirmed that of the pledged $440 million in foreign aid that the PA will receive from the United States, an estimated $46 million will be allocated to support prisoners released from Israeli jails. Many of these “prisoners” are actually terrorists with blood on their hands, murderers of innocent civilians. It is an outrage that US tax dollars are funding terror.

Funding the Palestinian Authority is Against US Law

In a most blatant act of supporting terror, the PA has recently formed a unity government with Hamas, a terror organization whose stated goal is the destruction of the State of Israel, and by extension the Jewish People. The recent terror war against Israel makes this crystal clear. The United States, by recognizing this unity government and cooperating with it, has crossed a red line. Not only is this morally repugnant but it is in violation of US law.

“The Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act”, signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2006, prohibits American support for the PA until it agrees to “recognize Israel, renounce violence and disarm.” If the PA breaks its allegiance with Hamas, this would be a tactical, political move to gain world support. The PA’s ongoing incitement and support of terror preceded the unity deal with Hamas and will continue in any event.

We urge President Obama and the US Congress to heed the call of Senator Ted Cruz to suspend assistance to the PA unless it “takes specific steps to renounce and eradicate terror”, and to guarantee that “not one more US taxpayer dollar be sent to support them until they do.” We urge the EU and world leaders to recognize the PA as a supporter of terror and cease all funding immediately.

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